FastComet truly is one of the best hosting companies in Latin America. If you don’t believe us then here are a few of the reasons why it is considered one of the best:

Quicker loading times

You may already know that Google ranks websites on the basis of the speed at which the pages load. This is why hosting plays a very important role when it comes to your SERP rankings. People may say that you can improve load times with the help of cache plugins and optimized images but what you can do to make it load even faster is to sign with a host that uses SSD drives. FastComet is a great host which provides this feature.

Caching mechanism

Most hosting providers use 3 layer caching mechanisms but with FastComet, you get a 5 layer caching mechanism. This mechanism includes:

  • Varnish cache: This is the most advanced caching technology in the world right now and improves your load time by as much as 10x which means quicker page loads. All you need to do is turn Varnish cache on.
  • The servers at FastComet also come with page speed optimization for Google. This is a tool that improves the load times of pages by as much as 21%. All you have to do is enable the option from your cPanel.
  • FastComet comes with OptimumCache which helps reduce memory usage and decrease disk operations which will only help improve response times for your website.
  • Then there is CloudFlare which operates in 110 locations all over the world. CDN can automatically cache static files at all edge nodes so the files will be stored a lot closer to visitors and delivered a lot faster to them as far as dynamic content from web servers is concerned.

These are but some of the reasons that made FastComet really fast.