SiteGround is an independent hosting company which was founded way back in 2004. They are based in Bulgaria and provide excellent servers to all Latin American countries. In fact, they offer services all over the world. They are one of the few companies which offer high-quality hosting services throughout the world.

They offer a wide range of hosting solutions which range from Linux hosting to the cloud and dedicated servers for large or even growing websites. They are among the quickest growing independent hosting companies on the planet right now.

You will find a lot of reviews of this hosting provider on the Internet. What usually happens with these user-generated reviews is that they are all based on personal experience. But, when you’re looking at professional reviews, there is nothing like the best host. It is all about finding hosts which fits your goals, experience, expertise, and budget.

When somebody visits your website, the request is sent to web hosting servers where the files are saved. Even though there may not be too many variables when it comes to website speeds, it is primarily the job of your hosting provider to send the files you have requested to the visitor’s browser as efficiently and quickly as possible. SiteGround lives up to every single promise they make in terms of performance and speed.

Apart from quick servers, SiteGround also has 5 data centers located all over the world which is great since physical distances also determine how long it takes for a page to load since the data has to travel all that distance.

It’s great if you find a host that offers servers in an area which is close to where you are located. This will ensure the shortest possible load times for your website when visitors come to see what you are about.